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10ft New (One Trip) Containers

These smaller units are great for areas with limited space, providing secure, dry storage for tools, garden equipment or other goods. Still being a standard height means they can sit alongside larger units without looking out of place.

Plywood Floor

Air Ventilation

Wind & Watertight

Steel Construction

Blue or Green

Lock Box

Length Width Height
10ft 8ft 8ft 6

Additional information

All of our new units are wind and watertight, have multiple air vents and lashing points, with doors, rubber seals and solid wood floors in good condition, they also come with lockboxes as standard, a choice of green or blue marine grade paint and waist high locking handles.


All of our deliveries are conducted using a HIAB vehicle capable of lifting and positioning your container exactly as required. Give us a call now to find out more.

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