40ft High Cube Containers

40ft high cube shipping containers are an alternative to the standard height 40ft containers. They are 9ft6 in tall as opposed to 8ft6in. Although the extra height may not seem a huge amount it gives 40ft high cube containers a number of important advantages. They are often used to store machinery such as mini diggers, fork lifts etc where the extra height allows larger machines to fit. They are also great for storage of pallets as you can generally double stack 2 standard pallets in these units.

The extra height also makes these units the go to for many container conversions, and even buildings built from containers. The extra height makes adding insulation in the ceiling and floor more practical and creates a finished product that feels far larger than a standard height unit could achieve.


All our 40ft HC come with the following features as standard:

  • Guaranteed wind and watertight.
  • 12 month guarantee against leaks
  • Double doors with 4 locking bars on one end
  • Solid wood flooring in good condition
  • Corten steel construction providing extra protection against rust and corrosion
  • CSC plates provided if required for export
  • External Dimensions – 40ft long, 9ft 6in tall, 8ft wide
  • Internal Dimensions – 39ft 5in long, 8ft 10in tall, 7ft 9in wide

New units also come with:

  • Lockbox fitted as standard
  • Choice of blue or green
  • Waist high locking bars for easy opening
  • Laminated marine ply floors
  • Extra vents for condensation control

We have used 40ft HC containers for sale nationwide at unbeatable prices. Get in contact for a quote including delivery and offload at your site. We provide a price match guarantee so let us know if you have another quote and we will make sure we beat it!

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All of our new units are wind and watertight, have multiple air vents and lashing points, with doors, rubber seals and solid wood floors in good condition, they also come with lockboxes as standard, a choice of green or blue marine grade paint and waist high locking handles.


All of our deliveries are conducted using a HIAB vehicle capable of lifting and positioning your container exactly as required. Give us a call now to find out more.


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