Used Containers

Used shipping containers have many uses and come in many varieties within the UK. The main use of used containers within the UK is for secure storage. These containers are perfect for this for as they are secure, dry and easy to transport or relocate. They are also readily available and very affordable when compared with building a permanent structure.

Used containers within the UK are generally ex shipping line units. They are still in cargoworthy condition, which means they are in good condition and could still be used for shipping. This makes them perfect for sites where budget constraints or the location does not warrant the use of a new unit. Although not as aesthetically pleasing as new units they are still good solid containers that will keep your goods dry and secure for many years to come.

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All of our used containers are guaranteed by ourselves to be in good condition. This means they are:

  • Wind and Watertight – no leaks, holes or severe damage
  • 12 month guarantee against leaks
  • Fully operational – doors open, close and lock with no problems
  • Double doors with 4 locking bars on one end
  • Fitted with solid wooden floors – Usually marine ply flooring containing no rot or holes
  • Corten steel construction providing extra protection against rust and corrosion
  • CSC plates provided if required for export

All of this ensures that you receive a secure dry store with no hassle or fuss.

Used containers are also often purchased for export. As all our units are cargoworthy this means they can be CSC plated if they are being exported by a customer. A CSC plate is a certification that ensures a container is in good enough condition to be shipped by road, rail or sea. If you require a CSC plate simply let our team know and we will arrange it for you.


All of our new units are wind and watertight, have multiple air vents and lashing points, with doors, rubber seals and solid wood floors in good condition, they also come with lockboxes as standard, a choice of green or blue marine grade paint and waist high locking handles.


All of our deliveries are conducted using a HIAB vehicle capable of lifting and positioning your container exactly as required. Give us a call now to find out more.


For more information on prices, delivery or just general enquiries about containers give us a call or fill out the enquiry form. KH Containers are based in Lincoln.