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What is a CSC Plate?

A CSC plate is a certification given out by the port authorities that guarantees that the container is suitable for international shipping and therefore is wind and watertight, the doors and rubber seals are in good condition as are the floors, and the container is structurally sound.

Are your containers weathertight?

Yes, all of our containers are guaranteed to be wind and watertight. Containers are built to carry goods around the world and are therefore built to keep out any weather.

Can I pick a colour?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a colour for used containers as it depends on what containers are first in the stack, however we can pass the request on to the depot to see if we can accommodate it. New containers can be ordered in green or blue.

Do we buyback containers?

Yes, we do buyback containers, the price depends on the condition of the returning unit.

What are containers made of?

Containers are made of corten steel, painted with marine grade paint and have hardwood floors.

Do containers have a condensation problem?

Any metal surface subject to temperature changes suffer from condensation. However this can be mitigated by ensuring only dry goods are placed in the unit, by placing moisture traps in your container and airing it on dry days.

How long will delivery be?

Delivery generally takes up to 5 – 7 working days. However this is subject to haulage availability.

How will containers be delivered?

All of our deliveries are conducted using a HIAB vehicle capable of lifting and positioning your container exactly as required.

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